Republic Polytechnic Digital Business Challenge 2024

Digital Business Challenge 2024

FMAS is thrilled to announce our partnership with Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) School of Management and Communication, for this year’s Digital Business Challenge (DBC)!

About The Event

The Digital Business Challenge (DBC) is a marquee event that allows secondary school students nationwide to compete and showcase their most innovative digital business ideas.

Over the years, more than 1,600 students from over 80 secondary schools have participated, showcasing their creativity.

What the Digital Business Challenge Aims to Achieve

  • Introduce students to practical business principles, helping them tackle real-world business challenges
  • Foster innovation by encouraging creativity
  • Promote digitalisation, teaching them the fundamentals of digital marketing to prepare them for the digital era
  • Build teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Provide students with the opportunity to work with real businesses

Through the two-day immersive workshop, students learnt the essentials of digitalisation and digital marketing, preparing them to ideate and innovate in today’s digital landscape.

Collaboration with FMAS Members

FMAS is proud to announce the involvement of two of our members – Keat Hong 253 Merchants’ Association and Nee Soon Link N4 Merchants’ Association – in RP’s Digital Business Challenge this year. This collaboration provided students with a unique opportunity to engage directly with local heartland businesses, understand their challenges, and develop marketing content to promote the neighbourhood centres. 

Throughout the challenge, tertiary students from RP played the role of student mentors, providing guidance to the participating teams, helping them refine their ideas and proposals. Outstanding teams advanced to the Grand Finals on 29 June, where they presented their compelling ideas and solutions, and competed for cash prizes.

This year’s challenge shone a spotlight on vibrant heartland precincts through destination marketing. Heartfelt thanks to all student teams for their dedicated efforts and fresh insights. Their work has opened up new possibilities for initiatives that our heartland precincts could embark on in the future!

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