Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award (SHESA)







Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award was launched with the objective of recognising the heartland businesses with outstanding performances. The current economic climate brings pressure to SMEs, and at the same time push and motivates them to strive harder. Today, this award is not just about recognising excellent heartland enterprises, it also encourages heartland enterprises to take on the challenges to reshape their businesses.



In the year 2019, SHESA has adopted a more practical award classification. The seven award categories, since its inception, will remain the same:

Best Customer Service

Best Visual Merchandising

Best Marketer

Most Franchisable

Most Innovative

Heritage and Luminary

The Hall of Fame and Progressive Hawker Star, which were introduced in 2016 and 2018 respectively, will continue. These nine awards will be awarded to business enterprises. In 2019, the new addition is the Outstanding Merchants' Association Award which will be opened to FMAS' member associations.



This newly-established award category in the year 2019, is to recognise the merchants' association with team spirit and performance that contributed to injecting vibrancy into the heartland. FMAS hope that other merchants' association will look up to the winner in this award category as a role model, inspire themselves and contribute even more for the development of Singapore's heartland businesses. The participants can be shops' associations, hawkers' associations, or a mixture of both. This award is only open to member associations of The Federation of Merchants' Associations, Singapore.