Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award 2023

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About Event

The Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award (SHESA) stands as an esteemed annual ceremony designed to honour the dedication and accomplishments of our heartland enterprises. Since its establishment in 2014, SHESA has served as a beacon of empowerment, providing winners with a platform to amplify their businesses’ visibility and impact.

Beyond its role as a prestigious accolade, SHESA serves as a vital nexus for heartland enterprises to assess and refine their marketing strategies while exchanging invaluable operational insights amongst peers. We hope that by receiving this prestigious recognition, more heartland enterprises will feel inspired to innovate and grow sustainably.

SHESA is supported by Enterprise Singapore.

Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award 2023 Key Highlights

Towards Excellence 转型升级 • 迈向卓越

In 2023, under the banner of “Towards Excellence,” our mission is to ignite the spirit of innovation and resilience within our heartland businesses. By showcasing their distinctive qualities, strengths, and untapped potential, we seek to propel them to unprecedented heights. Through prestigious award recognition, we envision these businesses not only elevating themselves but also becoming catalysts for a more dynamic and inclusive heartland community.

Winners of Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award (SHESA) 2023

  • 5-Star Dim Sum Private Limited
  • Annie Tiang TCM Pte Ltd
  • Asam Tree Pte Ltd
  • Avante Body and Wellness Pte Ltd
  • Bee Choo Corporation Pte Ltd
  • Cool Horizon Pte Ltd
  • Damara Pte Ltd
  • G & G TCM Medical Pte Ltd
  • Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd
  • JB Tai Pai Tong Seafood (Happy Garden Foodstuff)
  • Jory Employment Pte Ltd
  • Kim Hua Guan Food Industries Pte Ltd
  • Li Jie De Dian 李姐的店 – Hockka Enterprise Pte Ltd
  • A.T The Bar Pte Ltd (Major 99 – Family KTV And Entertainment Center)
  • Spring College International Pte Ltd
  • Swypebites Pte Ltd
  • Tai Ho Soon Pte Ltd
  • Nagara AMK Pte Ltd
  • Yikowei Pte Ltd

This category award gives due recognition to the heartland enterprise with the best store design and layout in Singapore. The winner is selected for its most optimal store layout, best space productivity, and creative visual merchandising skills.

  • HM Gallery Pte Ltd

This category award is given to the heartland enterprise in Singapore with the best customer service. The winner is recognised for its ability to maintain an excellent customer relationship. What sets this enterprise apart from others is its ability to anticipate customers’ needs, and its sincerity in helping customers solve their problems.

  • The Trio Movers Pte Ltd

This award acknowledges enterprises for their outstanding digital strategy, highlighting significant milestones achieved in their digital transformation journey. These enterprises demonstrate a remarkable ability to adapt to evolving digital trends and effectively leverage digital tools in their operations, showcasing a commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements in the digital landscape.

  • Lunchbox Pte Ltd

This category award honours the most innovative heartland enterprise in Singapore, for its exceptionally fresh and creative business concept. This enterprise is singled out for being a first mover in its industry to emerge with an innovative business concept and to fill a market gap, distinctly differentiating itself from its competitors.

  • Superpets Trading Pte Ltd

This overall winner award rewards the heartland enterprise for being a great communicator and one of the best marketers in Singapore. The winner is acknowledged for its ability to. create engaging and effective campaigns, fulfil sales targets, and establish a strong brand presence through a distinct look that stems from its brand philosophy.

  • Kuan Zhai Alley Pte Ltd

This award honours enterprises that have excelled in franchising, customer service, visual merchandising, marketing and innovation. Essential to this award are the enterprises’ leadership role, economic impact and influence in the heartlands, as well as demonstrated social contribution to the community and have gained reputation.

  • Epitex International Pte Ltd (Operational Excellence)

This award recognises the heartland enterprise who has contributed significantly to conserving a legacy in Singapore for more than 25 years. The winner is an expert in the trade who has a strong desire to pass it on to the next generation of Singaporeans.

  • Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd

The Hall of Fame recognises enterprises’ efforts in consistently challenging themselves to excel in the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award.

Enterprises that have participated in a total of three editions of SHESA will be induct into the Hall of Fame.

  • Annie Tiang TCM Pte Ltd
  • Bee Choo Corporation Pte Ltd
  • Cool Horizon Pte Ltd
  • Damara Pte Ltd
  • Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd
  • JB Tai Pai Tong Seafood
  • Li Jie De Dian (Hockka Enterprise Pte Ltd)
  • Yikowei Pte Ltd

This Grand Overall Winner award is given to the heartland enterprise displaying high levels of capabilities in multiple areas, inclusive of customer service, visual merchandising, innovation, replicable business model and marketer, in the Promising Enterprise Award Category.

  • Happy Fish Swim School Pte Ltd

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