NVPC Hawker Pay-it-forward

Heartland Pay-It-Forward

The Federation of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore has acknowledged and noticed some of our members from the hawker’s community are suffering badly from loss of business, and are having problems trying to stay afloat. In order to help this group of members, FMAS decided to collaborate with NVPC to gather some grants to help them tide through this difficult period.


How the eco-cycle functions?

NVPC on goodwill, has connected some Venture Capitalist or business owners who can provide a sum of money to help a group of hawkers who are in need of capital, either to change the strategy of the business to stay afloat or to pay rental so they can continue their business.

The hawkers will in return, provide an allocated amount of food for the needy families to go to their stalls to collect. These are low-income families who might have lose their jobs and have a family to feed, or elderly folks who are staying on their own and do not have the capability to work.


The entire eco-system not only help the hawkers to revive their business, but also serve the purpose of helping the needy population to survive.

FMAS management acknowledged that this is a great idea and truly recognized the efforts put in by both NVPC and FMAS members and staff. Through this project, we hope that Singaporeans can stay together as one, support local businesses as well as help each other in pandemic times.

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Why Pay-it-forward?

FMAS started working with NVPC's Company of Good (National Volunteer And Philanthropy Centre) to support local hawkers and merchants by providing them grants, supported by some kind venture capitalist to help them tide through this very difficult period during COVID times.

The Hawkers and Merchants will in return Pay-it-forward with the food, essentials or services to support the community.

The pilot project has covered the following Hawker Centres:

1. Chinatown Complex Hawkers Associations

2. People's Park Traders Association

3. Marine Parade Merchants' Association

4. Sims Place/Drive Stallholders & Shop Owners Association

5. Geylang East Centre Merchants' Association

To date, the FMAS and NVPC team has covered over 66 stalls. More updates will be provided in Phase 2 of this project.