Success Stories - Traditional Business Turns Digital 传统业务数码化

When we walk into an electrical shop in the heartland, we are always fascinated with the multiple brands of goods all stuffed in the racks. Choices are always plentiful. Mr. Yong has been running this traditional electrical shop business TS Yong Trading since 1989. He is like a friend to the residents who pop by to pick up a bulb, wires, light tubes, electric kettle, etc. His main target groups are the slight mid 50’s to the old folks who will physically walk in, patronize his shop and stop for a chat.


The COVID Circuit Breaker sent everyone into a panic mode, especially the Heartland businesses. All shops that sell non-essential products or services are forced to close for 8 weeks and the revenue is greatly affected. Mr. Yong did not stop as this challenge. He started off by attempting to sell his stocks to suppliers, so he can at least minimize his losses. With the encouragement and help from his son, he attempted and started selling his product in Carousel, online. The main challenge he faced then is logistic problems and the shortage of stocks.

With this initiative, he has also unconsciously opened a new target market to the younger generation aged between 30 to 50, those who will hardly walk into his shopfront. In order to know more about digitisation, he went ahead to take up courses to strengthen his skills and now he is also on few different online platforms and also built up a system to manage his stocks and logistics. To date, he feels that he will still keep this initiative as he sees a 10% incremental in his business.






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Blk 118 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-126 Singapore 380118

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