Success Stories - Petmart Digitalised 宠物市场数码化

Benjamin Wee is a second-generation owner of Pet-Mart which started its pets’ business in 1988.

Ever since taking over the reins of the business, Benjamin has set upon improving the business through the adoption of technology. The Circuit Breaker period in 2020 expedited his efforts. Benjamin took Pet-Mart online by onboarding multiple E-Commerce Platforms such as Fave and Grab which increased the visibility of his business and help in his sales.


As business began to pick up, the workload intensified as well. From inventory management to the last-mile fulfillment of the wide range of products that Pet-Mart is selling online, Benjamin felt that the digital platforms offered that competitive edge as they had professional back-end teams which can help him to manage his growing business.


While selling online allows for increased visibility and a wider market reach, Benjamin also shared that providing good customer service together with competitive pricing is a more crucial factor in business sustainability rather than joining an online price war among industry peers.

Through his experience, Benjamin encourages more heartland retailers to adopt the digital changes that are now upon us so as to continue to stay relevant and competitive.


















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151 Serangoon North Avenue 2, #01-79, Singapore 550151