Success Stories - Ali Fatimah Food Stall

Ali Fatimah Food Stall serves Indian cuisine, and well known for its Prata. The current stall owner, Mr. Hajanazmudeen s/o Abdul Muthaliff said, “My father started this Prata business in 1978. I have been helping him out at the stall since 1979. I started to learn the swirling technique of the Prata at 15 years of age and have been taking turns with my dad to do so, once I have mastered the art of swirling.” Mr. Hajanazmudeen assumed the business in 1997 after his father passed on. The ingredients, menu, and recipe remain unchanged to date since 1978 to retain the originality of the flavour.

As the business is flourishing, they are only open during breakfast hours, reason being the food would mostly be sold out by 10am on most days. Their customers often described their Prata as crispy and flaky outside and chewy inside, and served with mildly spicy mutton curry served on the side, which pleases the palate. Overall, the customers enjoyed their Prata and will want to go back for more or generously recommend them to their family or friends.

Ali Fatimah大排档供应印度美食,以Prata而闻名。 现任摊主Hajanazmudeen S/o Abdul Muthaliff先生说:"我父亲从1978年开始了这家Prata生意。 自1979年以来,我一直在摊位上帮助他。 我在15岁时开始学习prata的旋转技术,一旦我掌握了旋转的艺术,我就一直在与我的父亲一同轮流这样做。"Hajanazmudeen先生在父亲去世后于1997年接手这项业务。 自1978年以来,配料,菜单和食谱保持不变,以保留风味的独创性。

由于业务蓬勃发展,他们只在早餐时间开放,原因是,食物大多会在上午10点之前售罄。 他们的顾客经常将他们的Prata描述为外面酥脆,里面有嚼劲,并配上温和辛辣的羊肉咖喱,这让口感愉悦。 总体而言,客户喜欢他们的普拉塔,并会想回去更多或慷慨地推荐他们给他们的家人或朋友。