Heartland Innovation Challenge 2021

Heartland Enterprises today are facing challenges such as competition from shopping malls and e-commerce, as well as an aging workforce. Many of these enterprises are operating in a very traditional format and have high resistance to change.












Beyond these, heartland enterprises should innovate products and services, and develop new business/retail formats to grow the business and seize new opportunities.

FMAS and ESG have brought together a program “Heartland Innovation Challenge” with the main objective of bringing Heartland enterprises and tertiary students from local Polytechnics and Universities to collaborate and co-create new and innovative products, services, and channels, and/or business formats. Included in the Bootcamp the student also did a field visit to understand the business operations better.











A structured 3-month innovation process and with the resources from experts and IHL mentors, the enterprise and students, through workshop/Bootcamp, will conceptualize, develop, prototype, digitize, market, and pitch their ideas and concepts.

We have successfully completed the matching session, as well as a 3-day Bootcamp. The enterprise will continue to work with the tertiary students before the judging session around the end of May 2021.

Posted are some pictures of the matching session as well as the Bootcamp.