FMAS’ Position Statement on Budget 2024

The Federation of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore (FMAS) supports the measures in Budget 2024 to build productive and resilient businesses. Leveraging initiatives that promote sustainability, and technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), is also relevant for small businesses to be future-ready. Stimulating spending through the $600 CDC vouchers handout, and providing relief to enterprises via the 50% corporate income tax rebate, as well as cash payout for companies that employ at least one local staff in 2023 will help heartland businesses build their revenue base for growth. As skilled labour is the key to growth, the SkillsFuture Level Up Programme, which supports more targeted continuous training, will be a key enabler for the business community in the longer term.

From the enterprise angle, this budget has a strong transformational angle that reinforces competitiveness. FMAS would like to encourage small businesses to take advantage of current programmes, as well as the enhanced initiatives, to get on the growth bandwagon. At FMAS, our Heartlands Enterprise Centre (HECS) will support businesses that want to do so through business needs diagnosis, customised training and facilitating business partnerships.

新加坡全国商联总会(FMAS)支持《2024 年财政预算案》中的各项措施,以建设具有生产力和复原力的企业。 利用促进可持续发展的举措和人工智能(AI)等技术,也与小型企业为未来做好准备息息相关。 政府将发放 $600社理会邻里购物券、为企业提供50% 的企业所得税退税,以及向 2023 年至少雇用一名本地员工的公司发放现金。这些措施将帮助邻里企业建立收入基础,促进增长。 由于熟练劳动力是经济增长的关键,支持更有针对性的持续培训的 “未来技能提升计划”(SkillsFuture Level Up Programme)将成为企业界长期发展的重要推动力。